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Novice  Cup 2014-15
OPEN. 1st: 'Young Lad' by Graham Bell. 2nd: 'Raindrops on Roses' by Shirley Johnson. 3rd: 'Plough Horses' by Marian Hall.
Michael Grieves Award 2014-15
TEXTURES/PATTERNS - MONOCHROME. 1st: 'Sand' by Mike Young. 2nd: 'Velodrome' by Patrick Sheard. 3rd: 'Jai Prakesh Yantra, Jaipur Observatory, India' by Pat Young.
John Cowing Trophy 2014-15
ANYTHING GOES. 1st: 'Shepherd Boy' by Patrick Sheard. 2nd: 'Solitude' by Peter Ayres. 3rd: 'Evening Boat Trip River Tweed' by Diane Baynton.
Alan Searle Cup 2013-14
STREET PHOTOGRAPHY. 1st: 'Dancing in the Street' by Peter Ayres. 2nd:  'At the end of the day' by Peter Ayres. 3rd: 'Old Loyalties' by Russell Young.
Edith Searle Cup 2013-14
STILL LIFE. 1st: 'Life's a Beach' by Russell Young. 2nd: 'Coloured Beakers' by John Wilson. 3rd: 'Bobbin Along' by Russell Young.
John Wilson Cup 2013-14
ANYTHING GOES. 1st: 'Torridon Tree' by Russell Young. 2nd: 'The Selfie' by Peter Ayres. 3rd: 'Patterns of Flight' by Pat Young.
John Walker Cup 2013-14
PORTRAITS. 1st: 'Freckles' by Pat Young. 2nd: 'Daddy's Scarf' by Russell Young. 3rd: 'Daydreaming' by Mike Young.
Tom Dickinson Trophy 2013-14
DECAY. 1st: 'Hosta la Vista' by Russell Young. 2nd: 'Links to the Past' by Charlie Brown. 3rd: 'Ship's Skeleton' by Charlie Brown.
President's Cup 2013-14
STAIRWAYS. 1st: 'Downward Spiral' by Peter Ayres. 2nd: 'Take Your Seats' by Patrick Sheard. 3rd: 'Stairs at Wells Cathedral' by Diane Baynton.
Cheviot Cup 2013-14
SEASCAPES- BOATS/SHIPS. 1st: 'Rhum from Eigg' by Russell Young. 2nd: 'BC Ferry by Patrick Sheard. 3rd: 'The Anchorage at Loch Ranza' by Charlie Brown.
WEATHER (PRINTS). 1st: 'Frost and Snow' by Diane Baynton. 2nd: 'Nice Umberella' by Russell Young. 3rd: 'Warm Font Coming' by Mike Allport.
Novices Cup 2013-14
OPEN. 1st: 'High & Dry' by Charlie Brown. 2nd: 'Still Life Window' by Pat Brown. 3rd: 'Easter Water Dragon by Bryan Stewart.
Andy Steel Rose Bowl 2013-14
FOOD & DRINK. 1st: 'Bother the wet wipes' by Peter Ayres. 2nd: 'A Chip on the shoulder'. 3rd: 'Bridal Vines' by Russell Young.
John Cowing Trophy 2013-14
SHOPPING. 1st: 'Virtual Shopping' by Peter Ayres. 2nd: 'Vendors at Gisa' by Pat Young. 3rd: 'Can I have that one?' by Mike Young.
Peter Ayres 1st Steel Sky.jpg
MONOCHROME (ANY SUBJECT). 1st: 'Steel Sky' by Peter Ayres. 2nd: 'Study in Black and White' by Mike Young. 3rd: 'Kings and Queens' by Mike Young.
65 results - showing 51 - 65  
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