Tom Dickinson Trophy - Clouds

Tom Dickinson Trophy - Clouds

1st   Russell Young      "Dusk Cloudscape"

2nd Pat Young             "The Moving Finger Writes"

3rd  Mike Young          "Storm Clouds"

HC  Russell Young      "Reflecting on Clouds"

       Diane Baynton     "Pastel Clouds"

       Michael Hall         "Clouds at Sunset"

Presidents Cup - Unusual

Presidents Cup - Unusual

1st   Russell Young          "Light at the End of the Tunnel"

2nd Hazel Rathbone        "Not Sure What I Saw"

3rd  Mike Young               "Fish Fingers"

HC  Pat Young                 "Elephant's Foot or ... Tree"

       Jenny Pollock           "The Less Proud Side"

       Pat Young                 "Come On In"

       Bryony Stimpson      "Dodgy Descent"

       Ian Thompson          "Uluru"


John Wilson Cup - Chill

John Wilson Cup - Chill

1st      Russell Young         Lonely Tree

2nd    Diane Baynton         Winter Chill

3rd     Mike Young              Brass Monkeys

HC     Derek Riley              And where do I park my wheelchair?

HC     John Miller               Serve Chilled 

John Walker Cup - 3 in a row (a set)

John Walker Cup - 3 in a row (a set)

1st    Patrick Sheard      Burning the Barrels at Allendale

2nd  Helen Collinson    Cautious Blue Tit

3rd   John Miller             Normandy Cathedrals

HC   Pat Young              A Swan's Day

HC   Helen Collinson     Beautiful Butterflies

Alan Searle Cup - The Seasons

Alan Searle Cup - The Seasons

1st    Meg Vickers         -  The Seasons - They Are A-Changing

2nd  Hazel Rathbone    -   A Hint of Spring

3rd   Barbara MacFall    -  A Winter's Shroud

HC   Bryony Stimpson   -  Tillside Harvest

HC   Diane Baynton      -  Summer - Baby Goldfinch

HC   Mike Young           -  The Seasons