John Wilson Cup 2015-2016

John Wilson Cup 2015-2016


1st: 'You can talk to him if you like, but he's not having my coffee!' by Pat Brown

2nd: 'Should've gone to Specsavers!' by Russell Young

3rd: 'Dressed for the Garden Party' by Mike Allport

Highly Commended: 'Leaf me alone!' by Jenny Pollock

Highly Commended: 'Fisherman's Friend' by Hazel Rathbone

Alan Searle Cup 2015-2016

Alan Searle Cup 2015-2016

Landscapes - including water (but not the sea)

1st: 'Landscape Photographer' by Peter Ayres

2nd: 'Iorsa Water, Arran' by Patrick Sheard

3rd: 'Designer Landscape' by Pat Young

Highly Commended:

'Loch Spean' by John Wilson

'Inverary Mist' by Jenny Pollock

'Bowmont View' by Pat Young

'Approaching the Glacier' by Peter Ayres

Glendale Festival 2016

Frosted blossom

First place with 70 points: Frosted Blossom by Mike Young

Joint second place with 67 points each: Yetholm Loch also by Mike Young and Albi Cathedral by John Miller.

Edith Searle Cup 2015-2016

Edith Searle Cup 2015-2016

Farm Animals

1st: 'I certainly don't need three of them!' by Roger Gomersall

2nd: 'Island Sheep' by Mike Allport

3rd: 'Free Range' by Patrick Sheard

Highly Commended:

'Go and Play!' by Roger Gomersall

'Cold Feet' by Pat Brown

'Wet Wool' by Barbara Mac-Fall

'Countryside Idyll' by Jenny Pollock


Competition: Fruit and Veg

1. Ratatouille tonight by John Miller



Ratatouille - John Miller


Fruit of a Larch Tree - Helen Collinson


Yew Fruit - Mike Allport


Blackberries and Cobweb - Pat Young

Fruits and Veggies - Pat Young

Know Your Onions - Pat Brown

Ready for the Kitchen - Tom Rathbone