President's Cup 2014-15


1st: 'Yetholm Loch' by Mike Young
2nd: 'Quiet Quayside' by Russell Young
3rd: 'Lake View' by Peter Ayres

Tom Dickinson Trophy 2015 - 2016


People at Play

1st: 'Missed' by Peter Ayres

2nd: 'Splash' by Ian Cartright

3rd: 'The Pianist' by Peter Ayres

Highly Commended: 'Playing' by Pat Young

Highly Commended: 'Drum Roll' by Russell Young

Highly Commended: 'Let's go fly a kite!' by Patrick Sheard

President's Cup 2015 - 2016

1st. The Eye of the Dog by Pat Young

Close ups.

1st: 'The Eye of the Dog' by Pat Young

2nd: 'Eider Duck' by John Wilson

3rd: 'Another brick in the wall' by Hazel Rathbone

Highly Commended: 'Alien Life Form' by Pat Brown

Highly Commended: 'Nice Ice' by Russell Young

Highly Commended: 'Puffin with sand eels' by John Wilson

Highly Commended: 'Hand detail, Durham Cathedral' by Patrick Sheard



John Walker Cup 2015-2016

John Walker Cup 2015-2016

River Estuaries

1st: 'Deben Ferry' by Patrick Sheard

2nd: 'Watching the Barges' by Patrick Sheard

3rd: 'Waiting for the train' by Bryony Stimpson

Highly Commended: 'Teesmouth' by Mike Allport

Highly Commended: 'Colours of the river' by Patrick Sheard

Highly Commended: 'Estuary at Alnmouth' by Ian Cartright