Novice Cup 2014-15

Novice  Cup 2014-15


1st: 'Young Lad' by Graham Bell.
2nd: 'Raindrops on Roses' by Shirley Johnson.
3rd: 'Plough Horses' by Marian Hall.

Arthur Willis Trophy 2014-15


1st: 'Solo Flight' by Russell Young.
2nd: 'Sunrise over the Wester Ghats, India' by Ian Cartwright.
3rd: 'Stag Nightfall' by Russell Young.

Cheviot Cup 2014-15

Cheviot Cup 2014-15


1st: 'Play Time' by Shirley Johnston.
2nd: 'Retired at Last' by Mike Young.
3rd: 'This is the last time I fetch this stick for you!!!' by Pat Young.

John Walker Cup 2014-15

John Walker Cup 2014-15


1st: 'Rose Window' by Ian Cartwright.
2nd: 'As Birds Fly...' by Pat Young.
3rd: 'Dappled Colours' by Ian Cartwright.