Wooler and Glendale

Gateway to the Cheviot Hills



Alnwick Fire Station
South Road
NE66 2PA

Contact Information

01665 605780

Special Interest

Listing in The Age Pages

North East Equality & Diversity (NEED) Ltd is a Disability Organisation based in Alnwick, Northumberland, operating across the North East and Border Region. The organisation is a Community Transport Organisation (CTO) charity to address the needs of individuals unable to access safe, affordable and accessible transport due to age, youth, disability, rural isolation or economical deprivation. In 2009  NEED evolved into a disability organisation in order to provide a more holistic approach to the needs of individuals. NEED is a successful transport organisation owning 12 minibuses with 7 more "brokered" vehicles, The "brokered" vehicles are owned by other organisations and used by NEED in their down time for use in the local community.


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