Wooler and Glendale

Gateway to the Cheviot Hills

Anthony Murray

Northumberland County Council,

Representative Trustee.

Apart from ten years at Kielder Water, running a successful ferryboat business, Anthony has spent all his life in Glendale. He farmed for 35 years during which time he chaired the Northumberland National Farmers Union County committee.

For the past fifteen years he has operated the Glendale Garden Centre in partnership with his family.

Previously he served on Chatton, Bellingham and Wooler Parish Councils, represented Chatton and Wooler on Berwick Borough Council and served as Mayor during that time. Anthony represents Wooler Ward on Northumberland County Council and is a County representative on Northumberland National Park Authority, of which he is currently vice chair. At County Council he chairs the Corporate Parenting Panel, sits on Children's Scrutiny and represents the Council as a River Tweed Commissioner. He is also a Governor of Glendale Middle School.

Anthony has been quoted as saying 'he is very privileged to be a Glendale resident and will do all he can to maintain it as the best place on earth to live'.