Wooler and Glendale

Gateway to the Cheviot Hills


Community Seminar

A small discussion seminar among people involved with community initiatives in one way or another was held in Glendale, North Northumberland, 30-31st August 2013 to explore the above theme. Participants had diverse experiences – community organising, business, public sector, academia, politics; and came from a variety of locations – Northumberland and North East England, elsewhere in the UK and Europe generally, and had experience as well from countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Website addresses for the experiences referred to in the text are listed at the end. Seminar participants recognised that present times – politically and economically – are opening up more spaces of opportunity for community initiative whilst also presenting many challenges. The discussion was structured to explore this opportunity, firstly from the perspective of community initiatives, many of the participants being actively involved in such work at the present time. This led to consideration of the kinds of institutional support which helps to encourage and cultivate such initiatives, and discussion of what practices might undermine them. We strongly encourage more attention to the dynamics and variety of community initiative among academics, those designing public policies and those involved in governance practices.

Stayin Alive!

This project looked at the reasons why younger people continue to leave Glendale, and how to enrich their experience to make our area more attractive to the young. The full report and summary are based on discussion and surveys with younger people, businesses and those involved in education and training, and on available recent data.
It considers young people's experience and expectations in relation to work and housing opportunities, access to transport and communications technology, recreational opportunities, school experience and involvement in community activity

Growing Rural Careers

'Working to develop the workforce of the next generation'

Growing Rural Careers in Northumberland

This Project was developed in Partnership with other agencies. Its focus was growing the next generation of land-based workers in rural North Northumberland. There were two principal objectives:

  • To retain and attract young people to work in the rural area of north Northumberland and so contribute to a healthy rural economy
  • Support rural businesses by promoting land based careers to young people and new entrants and supporting rural businesses to train and employ young people and new entrants


Read more: Growing Rural Careers

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