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The Glendale Gateway Trust is based at the Cheviot Centre, Wooler. It is an independent charitable, community development trust set up to support the community of Glendale – one of the most sparsely populated areas of the country. With a population of 6,000 people, Glendale covers 250 square miles of rural North Northumberland and stretches from the river Tweed in the North to the village of Ingram in the south (see map below).

Since its inception in 1996 it has grown into a significant local organisation, with annual revenue costs of around £100,000, capital assets of nearly £3 million and a staff of 5 in total. We manage a community and business centre, and own a number of commercial units on Wooler High Street, 18 affordable housing properties, and Wooler Youth Hostel with Shepherds Huts. We are also a significant partner in the effort to expand affordable housing provision in Glendale, and promote rural business development. Over time, the Trust has also become an organisation to which people turn when they want to see something done, or to get a voice heard.