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How to Build a Business that Can Work Without You *Booking Essential

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Monday 28th January, 09:30-16:00
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Can your business work without you? 

Does your business generate revenue in your absence? 

This workshop is designed for business owners who have a company that is highly reliant on them and who are finding it difficult to extricate themselves from that. 

An interactive and fast-paced workshop that will leave delegates with an understanding of: 

• Why being an Owner Manager is an oxymoron 
• Do you have a job or a business? 
• The difference between owning and managing 
• Firing yourself from your own business
• How to remove yourself as the biggest bottleneck 
• Codifying your knowledge into Systems/Processes 
• Building an Operations Manual 
• Building a Management Team
• Establishing Decision-Making parameters 
• How to avoid creating a rod for your own back
• The risks of high owner-reliance 

Booking essential. Please ensure you have registered your business here: Business Northumberland Registration

And then follow this link to sign up to the workshop: How to Build a Business that Can Work Without You