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Workshop: How to Grow & Scale a Business *Booking Essential

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Friday 26th October, 09:30-16:00
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This workshop is designed for businesses who are growth orientated. 

An interactive and fast-paced workshop.

Delegates will leave with an understanding of:

• Understanding your personal drivers and why you are in business 

• The difference between lifestyle businesses and scalable businesses 

• The Technician vs. The Entrepreneur Mindset 

• From Owner-Dependency to Systems-Dependency 

• The 4 Stages of the Owner Journey – from having a business that is an extension of you to building a self-managing company 

• Building a Management Team 

• Leverage and High Value Activities 

• Letting Go to Grow 

• Managing the Growth Journey (1-50 Employees) 

• Building a 3 Year Plan 

• Building a 12 Month Plan