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Phil Sage gave the group a presentation about the use of plain English and its importance for businesses.
Hadrian's Recruitment
Sarah Bell one of our members gave this presentation to the network giving an introduction to Recruitment for small businesses.
Northumberland Uplands - LEADER Funding
Leader and some capital grant funding will be available through NCC from the new financial year 2015 – please send a brief project description using the email address above and they will be in touch with more details of schemes as soon as they are clarified. Look at the...
North East Business Support Fund
The North East Business Support Fund is available until at least June 2015. Businesses can apply to this fund to access high quality external expertise to support or deliver business improvement or growth projects. 40% funding is available, to a maximum of up to £1,400, for projects such as...
NBSL - running the Regional Growth Network
Support for businesses in rural areas. The Rural Growth Network Programme has been developed to help rural businesses in the North East to get access to the expertise and resources to help them grow and prosper. Melanie Thomson- Glen is the advisor for North Northumberland. ...
Making The Media Work
Barbara gave a talk on making the media work for your business at a recent meeting of the network.
6 results - showing 1 - 6