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The Battle of Flodden Field

The Battle of Flodden Field



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Of the many battles fought between English and Scottish armies over the centauries, few match the ferocity and slaughter that took place one rainy September afternoon in 1513 between Branxton Hill and Flodden Hill in north Northumberland.

After sweeping south with an army of over 30,000 men King James IV of Scotland met with the 20,000 strong northern army of King Henry IIIV, commanded by the 70 year, old battle hardened, Earl of Surrey. At the end of the day James, the majority of his nobles and perhaps 10,000 of his army lay dead along with over 3000 English. A fuller account of the Battle can be found in the booklet which is on sale in St Paul's Church, Branxton To view the battlefield drive north from Wooler on the A697 and after approximately 9 miles take the left turn for Branxton. Follow signs for the Flodden Monument.


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