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Wooler & District Camera Club Competition Entry Rules 1. PRINTS may be produced using either conventional or digital means. 2. A print should be produced as either a...
Tom Dickinson Trophy - NIGHT SCENES
1st - Mont St Michel - Russell Young 2nd - Ambleside at Night - Helen Collinson 3rd - "Night lights" ...
President’s Cup - SHAPE
1st - The Shape of Autumn - Pat Young 2nd - Ice Shapes - Bryony Stimpson 3rd - cloud shape - Barabara McFall Highly Commended: Wooden heart shape Barbara McFall...
Cheviot Cup - Bells
1st - 'Oyez Oyez' by Hazel Rathbone 2nd - 'Bluebells after Rain' by Helen Collinson 3rd - 'You'd look bored if you had to carry this around!' by Patrick Sheard Highly Commended: ...
Arthur Wills Trophy - Coastline
1st - 'Tidal' by Bryony Stimpson 2nd - 'Eastbourne' by Tommy Rathbone] 3rd - 'Towards Bass Rock' by Mike Allport Highly Commended: 'Too Close for Comfort' by Hazel Rathbone...
Andy Steel Rose Bowl - Christmas
1st Pat Young - A Christmas Candle for Peace 2nd Mike Young - What's All The Fuse About? 3rd Hazel Rathbone - Humbug!! Highly Commended: ...
Novice's Cup
1st Helen Collinson : Scissor Arches – Wells Cathedral 2nd Hazel Rathbone : Twilight at Hythe 3rd Hazel Rathbone : Nasty Nectarine Highly Commended: Colin Fox - Autumn Mist ...
John Cowan Trophy – Worm’s Eye View
1st Patrick Sheard - The Mushroom Monster 2nd Mike Young - Ready – Steady – GO! 3rd - Bryony Stimpson - A Harrowing Experience Highly Commended: Pat Brown - There Isn’t Mushroom Here! ...
Michael Grieves Award – Castles
1st Russell Young - Bamburgh Dunes 2nd Barbara McFall - Bamburgh Castle at Night 3rd Hazel Rathbone - Coastal Castles Highly Commended: Helen Collinson - Bamburgh Castle Russell Young - Dunstanburgh...
Glendale Festival 2017
1st - Russell Young: Spital Groynes Joint 2nd - Diane Baynton : Misty Glencoe - Patrick Sheard : January Sunset - Islay...
Grey hare by Meg Vickers   Photographer of the year is Pat Young
Edith Searle Cup - Locks / Keys
1st Tommy Rathbone - Not So New Padlock 2nd Roger Gomersall - Love-Locks on the Tyne 3rd Mike Allport -...
Alan Searle Cup - The Seasons
1st Meg Vickers - The Seasons - They Are A-Changing 2nd Hazel Rathbone - A Hint of Spring 3rd Barbara MacFall ...
John Wilson Cup - Chill
1st Russell Young Lonely Tree 2nd Diane Baynton Winter Chill 3rd Mike Young ...
John Walker Cup - 3 in a row (a set)
1st Patrick Sheard Burning the Barrels at Allendale 2nd Helen Collinson Cautious Blue Tit 3rd John Miller ...
Presidents Cup - Unusual
1st Russell Young "Light at the End of the Tunnel" 2nd Hazel Rathbone "Not Sure What I Saw" 3rd Mike Young ...
Tom Dickinson Trophy - Clouds
1st Russell Young "Dusk Cloudscape" 2nd Pat Young "The Moving Finger Writes" 3rd Mike Young ...
JC's Wheels.jpg
1st Ian Thompson “Wheels” 2nd Helen Collinson “JC’s Wheels” 3rd Russel Young ...
Railway Bridges.jpg
1st Mike Young “Bridge over Tranquil Waters” 2nd Pat Young “Summer...
1. What was that? by Roger Gomersall
Highly Commended: Warning at the Wind Farm by Helen Collinson Anything She Can Do … by Pat Brown Grey Squirrel by John Miller Sea De-fence by Mike Young What blue eyes you have!...
1. Hare by Meg Vickers
Highly Commended: Sea Anemone, Rock pool, Loch Fyne by Helen Collinson One Called Peter by Barbara Mac Fall What’s Going On On The Lily? by Tommy Rathbone THIRD PLACE Tranquillity by Zarah...
Competition: Portraits (Monochrome)
FIRST PLACE Portrait of an Indian Goatherd - Pat Young SECOND PLACE No.15 Zelda(1) - Helen Collinson THIRD PLACE Ancient Selfie - Roger Gomersall HIGHLY COMMENDED: Despair -...
1. Ratatouille tonight by John Miller
FRUIT & VEG: FIRST PLACE Ratatouille - John Miller SECOND PLACE Fruit of a Larch Tree - Helen Collinson THIRD PLACE Yew Fruit - Mike Allport HIGHLY COMMENDED:...
Frosted blossom
First place with 70 points: Frosted Blossom by Mike Young Joint second place with 67 points each: Yetholm Loch also by Mike Young and Albi Cathedral by John Miller.
Edith Searle Cup 2015-2016
Farm Animals 1st: 'I certainly don't need three of them!' by Roger Gomersall 2nd: 'Island Sheep' by Mike Allport 3rd: 'Free Range' by Patrick Sheard Highly Commended: 'Go and Play!' by Roger Gomersall ...
Alan Searle Cup 2015-2016
Landscapes - including water (but not the sea) 1st: 'Landscape Photographer' by Peter Ayres 2nd: 'Iorsa Water, Arran' by Patrick Sheard 3rd: 'Designer Landscape' by Pat Young Highly Commended: 'Loch Spean' by John Wilson...
John Wilson Cup 2015-2016
Humour 1st: 'You can talk to him if you like, but he's not having my coffee!' by Pat Brown 2nd: 'Should've gone to Specsavers!' by Russell Young 3rd: 'Dressed for the Garden Party' by Mike Allport Highly...
John Walker Cup 2015-2016
River Estuaries 1st: 'Deben Ferry' by Patrick Sheard 2nd: 'Watching the Barges' by Patrick Sheard 3rd: 'Waiting for the train' by Bryony Stimpson Highly Commended: 'Teesmouth' by Mike Allport Highly Commended: 'Colours of the...
People at Play 1st: 'Missed' by Peter Ayres 2nd: 'Splash' by Ian Cartright 3rd: 'The Pianist' by Peter Ayres Highly Commended: 'Playing' by Pat Young Highly Commended: 'Drum Roll' by Russell Young ...
1st. The Eye of the Dog by Pat Young
Close ups. 1st: 'The Eye of the Dog' by Pat Young 2nd: 'Eider Duck' by John Wilson 3rd: 'Another brick in the wall' by Hazel Rathbone Highly Commended: 'Alien Life Form' by Pat Brown ...
Knock Out competition January 2016
The winner of last Thursday's 'Knock Out' competition was Russell Young with 'Juno'.
Cheviot Cup 2015-16
YELLOW. 1st: 'Sunflower Power' by Jenny Pollock. 2nd: 'Window on the sun at Cragside' by Patrick Sheard. 3rd: 'Sea Eagle at Edinburgh Zoo' by Patrick Sheard. Highly Commended: 'Double Yellow Lines' by Peter Ayres. 'Steaming Sulphur Beds' by Margaret Urwin.
Arthur Wills Trophy 2015-16
REFLECTIONS (PRINTS). 1st. 'Reflected reflections' by John Miller. 2nd: 'Tower Blocks' by Peter Ayres. 3rd: 'Reflection in the loch' by Diane Baynton. Highly commended: 'Liquid Gas' by Russell Young. 'Reflections of a Photographer' by Mike Allport. 'The other side of the street' by...
Andy Steel Rose Bowl 2015-16
1st: 'Galloping Free' by Patrick Sheard. 2nd: 'The Giant's Boot' by Charlie Brown. 3rd: 'Sun Worshippers' by Peter Ayres.
Novice Cup 2015-16
1st: 'Whose Seat is This?' by John Miller. 2nd: 'Circle' by John Miller. 3rd: 'Threatening Sky' by Pat Brown.
Michael Grieves Award 2015-16
CHURCHYARDS. 1ST: 'Kirkmadrine Churchyard' by Russell Young. 2nd: 'Jewish Cemetery, Krakow' by Russell Young. 3rd: 'St Michael & All Angels, Ford', by Russell Young.
John Cowing Trophy 2015-16
WILD FLOWERS. 1st: 'Blue Carpet' by Bryony Stimpson. 2nd: 'Desert Spring Flowers' by Ian Cartwright. 3rd: 'Willow Flowering' by John Wilson.
Alan Searle Cup 2014-15
TREES. 1st: 'Autumn Walk' by Russell Young. 2nd: 'Trees in Morning Light' by Mike Allport. 3rd: 'Life After Death' by Bryony Stimpson.
Edith Searle Cup 2014-15
DOORS AND DOORWAYS. 1st: 'Kilmichael House' by Russell Young. 2nd: 'Garden Door' by Pat Young. 3rd: 'When One is Not Enough' by Meg Vickers.
John Wilson Cup 2014-15
ROCKS, STONES, POSTS AND CROSSES. 1st: 'Sandstone Erosion' by Ian Cartwright. 2nd: 'Corroded Jetty' by Mike Young. 3rd: 'Waves of Stone' by Bryony Stimpson.
John Walker Cup 2014-15
STAINED GLASS. 1st: 'Rose Window' by Ian Cartwright. 2nd: 'As Birds Fly...' by Pat Young. 3rd: 'Dappled Colours' by Ian Cartwright.
Tom Dickinson Trophy 2014-15
NEW BEGINNINGS. 1st: 'Connected' by Russell Young. 2nd: 'Mating Sea Slugs' by Ian Cartwright. 3rd: 'Sprouting Seeds' by Mike Young.
Landscapes 1st: 'Yetholm Loch' by Mike Young 2nd: 'Quiet Quayside' by Russell Young 3rd: 'Lake View' by Peter Ayres
SHADOWS/SILHOUETTES (PRINTS). 1st: 'Solo Flight' by Russell Young. 2nd: 'Sunrise over the Wester Ghats, India' by Ian Cartwright. 3rd: 'Stag Nightfall' by Russell Young.
Cheviot Cup 2014-15
PETS. 1st: 'Play Time' by Shirley Johnston. 2nd: 'Retired at Last' by Mike Young. 3rd: 'This is the last time I fetch this stick for you!!!' by Pat Young.
The Andy Steel Rose Bowl 2014-15
HARVEST. 1st: 'Designer Stubble' by Russell Young. 2nd: 'Harvest' by Cyril Guthrie. 3rd: 'Blue Tractor Baling' by Pat Young.
Novice  Cup 2014-15
OPEN. 1st: 'Young Lad' by Graham Bell. 2nd: 'Raindrops on Roses' by Shirley Johnson. 3rd: 'Plough Horses' by Marian Hall.
Michael Grieves Award 2014-15
TEXTURES/PATTERNS - MONOCHROME. 1st: 'Sand' by Mike Young. 2nd: 'Velodrome' by Patrick Sheard. 3rd: 'Jai Prakesh Yantra, Jaipur Observatory, India' by Pat Young.
John Cowing Trophy 2014-15
ANYTHING GOES. 1st: 'Shepherd Boy' by Patrick Sheard. 2nd: 'Solitude' by Peter Ayres. 3rd: 'Evening Boat Trip River Tweed' by Diane Baynton.
Alan Searle Cup 2013-14
STREET PHOTOGRAPHY. 1st: 'Dancing in the Street' by Peter Ayres. 2nd:  'At the end of the day' by Peter Ayres. 3rd: 'Old Loyalties' by Russell Young.
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