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Wooler Parish Council - What We Do

What does the Parish Council do?

The parish council meets monthly to discuss issues of interest to the local community. It has powers relating to planning, provision of recreational facilities, crime prevention, community transport, footpaths and commons.

The Council meets on the fourth Monday of each month at the Cheviot Centre Wooler, all members of the public are welcome to attend. Every May at the AGM we elect a chair and the vice-chair.

What is a Parish Council?

A parish is the tier of local government closest to its community, and represents the interests of the people of the parish. As such the views of the parish councils should be given weight by Northumberland County Council and Central Government when determining issues which will affect the parish. It is often thought that parish councils are associated with the parish church in a village, but this is not the case.

How do Parish Councils work with Northumberland County Council?

Parish councils are consulted by Northumberland County Council (and other organisations) on matters which affect the parish. These include planning applications and policies, education proposals, highways issues and any other proposals or plans which will affect, or be of interest to the parish. The views of the parish and town councils must be taken into consideration in making decisions. Consultations are sent to the Parish clerk, who circulates the information to the Councillors for comments/decisions.

What are our responsibilities?

We are a village government and the closest form of government to you the people who live in Wooler. We undertake to manage Wooler in the way the Local Government Act has laid down. Each year we have to set the Precept, which means deciding the amount of money needed to carry out the improvements from which the people of Wooler will benefit. This is collected from you as part of the council tax.

The Parish Council duties include:

  • Consult and comment on all local planning applications.
  • Engaging with residents and obtaining an understanding of needs and priorities.
  • Engaging with the County Council in relation to the services delivered by them.
  • Engaging with other service providers, for example Glendale Gateway Trust, local police, NHS in relation to the services they provide.
  • Acting as the eyes and ears on local matters - insight.
  • Encouraging and supporting community and community groups.
  • The maintenance of community assets owned by the PC.
  • Provide awareness and access to the services delivered by the County Council.
  • Undertake some of the local floral displays in the town.
  • Provision and maintenance of some of the play and recreation areas.
  • Grass cutting in addition to that done by NCC.
  • Maintenance of public seating and bus shelters.

Welcome to the Wooler Parish Council Website

Wooler Parish Council has a long interesting history and a reputation for being non-political. There are ten Parish Councillors who are elected for a four-year term of office. The post of chairman usually changes annually and occasionally bi-annually. The part-time clerk is the only employed person working for the council and deals with all clerical and accounting matters. A village appraisal has been undertaken and a Village Design Statement was published in 2001 after local consultation. The Parish Council is financed by precept and has powers to raise the precepts for items such as seats, streets, lighting etc.

Wooler, often referred to as the Gateway to the Cheviots, is an attractive and vibrant stone built market town. Wooler Water meanders through the lower part of the town, which boasts a busy high street with a good range of pubs, restaurants and shops covering everything you could need. Wooler is served by two excellent schools, churches of several denominations and two doctor's surgeries. There are two well-equipped play parks to enjoy and the town has a youth hostel.

Few places in Northumberland can rival Wooler and Glendale's natural beauty and the area has long been a favourite for visitors enjoying walks and time to relax and "escape from it all".

Wooler is half and hour's drive north from Alnwick, with Berwick on Tweed to the east and can be reached in just over an hour's drive from both Newcastle and Edinburgh.


There are ten elected members of Wooler Parish Council and a parish clerk. The clerk is the only paid member of staff. Parish councillors are elected volunteers who serve for 4 years. In May each year at the AGM we elect a new Chair and Vice Chair.

Parish council meetings are held monthly throughout the year. The general public may attend any of the meetings and can speak for 5 minutes on any matter at the start of the meeting.